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The Blog

This is the blog of Bradley Campbell and Jason Manning, authors of The Rise of Victimhood Culture: Microaggressions, Safe Spaces, and the New Culture Wars. The book traces shifting patterns of morality and moral conflict in the Western world, focusing on a new moral system that has rapidly spread across colleges and universities — a moral system marked by extreme sensitivity to slight, a tendency to handle slight through public or official complaint, a penchant for portraying all grievances a matter of being oppressed by the powerful, and the practice of condemning people for their privilege while valorizing those seen as victims.

This moral system, which we call victimhood culture, can be seen in such relatively new phenomena as the policing of microaggressions, providing trigger warnings about offensive or upsetting content, and creating safe spaces free from offense or disagreement. It rejects the distinction between words and violence, or the notion that all are morally equal. In these respects it clashes with the prevailing moral system of the West — the culture of dignity. This resembles the conflicts seen in an earlier age when the culture of dignity supplanted its predecessor, the culture of honor.

On this blog we will discuss issues related to our work on victimhood and moral cultures. We will document examples of victimhood culture and clashes between victimhood and dignity, and will discuss broader issues related to the sociology of morality, moral cultures, and human conflict, as well as social science, free speech, and academic freedom.